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Players flipping behavior switch

The Kansas City Star Players flipping behavior switch On the field, violence and aggression are virtues. Off of it, there is a different set of rules. With all eyes fixed on them, players have no choice but to navigate both worlds. By J. BRADY McCOLLOUGH The Kansas City Star “What we do out here would […]

OT Magazine – Halftime Playbook

OT Magazine – Halftime Playbook This NBA star wants his peers to know how he earned his degree in management studies after six years of online correspondence. By Jalen Rose College – The number one reason why I decided to get my college degree online is that I would become the first of my mother’s […]

The Orlando Sentinel Newspaper -Retirement can be dirty word for some athletes.


Elite stars often have trouble realizing when the time has come to hang up their jerseys once and for all. April 17, 2006|By George Diaz, Sentinel Staff Writer At 43, Holyfield is deeper into denial. Holyfield has lost five of his last eight fights, including the last three. He has not stepped into the ring […]

Self Helpbook – Nine Recommendations to Reduce Sports Violence


Everyone knows about sports violence. The question is what is being done about it? One clear example of the way the NBA is dealing with violence has become headline news in the last month. In December of 1997 the NBA’s league commissioner David Stern suspended Golden State Warrior Latrell Sprewell for one year because of […]

Self Helpbook – Answers to some of your questions are given by Dr. Cristina Versari, our Sport Psychology Editor


Through the internet you can access some great sport research. One of the great things about using the web to access information is that you will almost always be given the opportunity to direct specific feed back to someone involved with the site you have selected. Frequently, these contacts will be experts and professionals with whom you would have […]

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