Why Choose The USA English Language Center

The USA English Language Center is located within an American University committed to the highest standards of Academic Excellence. We are dedicated to serving our students with a comprehensive and innovative educational program. Our students have access to the very best learning opportunities.

The USA English Language Center (USA ELC) to offer international students an opportunity to expand their knowledge in the English language. This comprehensive center can meet the needs of students at all levels of English proficiency, from beginner to advanced levels. The USA English Language Center serves international students who wish to improve their English skills. This curriculum can be useful for working professionals, as well as students preparing for University study or professional programs in the USA.

At USA English Language Center you will learn American English using the most current textbooks, audio, visual, and computer based programs, along with other teaching materials taught by the most experienced instructors. We want you to get the most out of your stay in San Diego.

The USA English Language Center curriculum is designed to ensure that you make the quickest possible progress in your studies with personal and customized instruction. We will meet your needs, whatever your level, by encouraging and challenging you to practice your English at all times, while on campus. At USA English Language Center we enforce an English Only Policy to encourage all students to only speak English with classmates and instructors.

USA English Language Center offers a unique opportunity for those with the desire and intellectual curiosity to seek their path within an environment of truly humanistic values, principles, and attitudes not found in a mainstream University setting. USA English Language Center is the perfect place to start your international schooling. Its exceptional philosophy, which emphasizes personal development, maturity and wisdom, makes it one of a kind within the San Diego learning community. As soon as you arrive at the USA English Language Center you will experience for yourself, the unique experience awaiting you.анализ сеовашего urlидеальная бровьид