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Cry! You’re at the World Cup

March 10, 2011 by

BERLIN: The football may not always be flowing at the World Cup but the tears are very much on show. David Beckham became the latest player to wear his heart on his sleeve on Sunday when he announced he was standing down as England captain after his country’s quarter-final defeat to Portugal. Such displays of […]

ESP President Connects With Heavyweights at Milken Global Conference

March 10, 2011 by

ESP President Everett Glenn joined 3,000 people from 60 countries at The Milken Institute Global Conference. The Conference, which brings together some of the most extraordinary people in the world – from scientists, business executives and philanthropists to journalists, academics and Nobel laureates – to discuss, debate and deliberate today’s most pressing social, political and economic […]

Selfhelp Magazine -Affect Of Psychology On Both Professional And Non-Professional Sports

March 10, 2011 by

Affect Of Psychology On Both Professional And Non-Professional Sports Question: I am doing an athletic research paper on the affect of psychology on both professional and non-professional sports. If at all possible, I would appreciate it if you could send me information relating to this topic whenever possible. Thank you in advance. The answer to your […]

The San Diego Reader – Ex Pros

March 10, 2011 by

If ever there were a San Diego Charger whose post career success has matched his years spent on the field, it’s the great Ron Mix. Mix’s glory years came in the 1960s, when the Chargers were in the American Football League. Back in the day, Mix was listed at 6’ 4” and 250 pounds, known […]

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