Student Visa

Student Visa

USA English Language Center Registration Instructions for Students coming from outside the USA:

1. Fill out the application form completely and don’t forget to sign the form at the space provided. If you choose to pay with a credit card, write down your credit card information on the application too.
2. Attach a copy of your passport.
3. Attach a copy of your bank statement showing a minimum of $1500 USD. If the bank statement is not in your name, you must also attach the Sponsor Form signed by the person who is sponsoring you.
4. Pay the total cost of registration.
$75 Application Fee (non-refundable)
$175 Administrative Fee (non-refundable)
$125 Documents Preparation Fee (refundable upon cancellation)
TOTAL cost $455 (these fees are non refundable)

This payment can be made with credit card by going on this secure website:

5. After filling out the online application you may submit any additional documents to:
Fax: + 1-619-542-1999
Address: 3900 Harney St.
San Diego, CA 92110

Follow these steps one by one in order to complete your application with SDUIS. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Once we receive this we will send you:
School acceptance letter
I-20 form
Information on arriving in San Diego
(As long as all required items are with the application form we will process the information and send out the I-20 within 3-5 business days)

Once you receive the I-20 form you may enroll in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). SEVIS is a Web-based information system that keeps track of foreign students and other exchange program participants, and allows information sharing among the various institutions and government agencies that students and exchange visitors are involved with during their journey to the United States and their stay in the country.

You must pay a fee to be enrolled in SEVIS, and you will need to retain your proof of payment for presentation during your visa interview at the U.S. embassy. The fee varies according to the type of study or exchange program you are participating in and the type of visa you are applying for. The SEVIS fee for most students is $200.

Make an appointment for a visa interview by contacting the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You’ll find that information at
Visa processing procedures can vary, depending on the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, but all student visa and exchange visitor visa applicants are given priority. Information about waiting times for scheduling an interview and processing your application is available at :  Visa Wait Times.

When you do get an interview, you must assemble all the required documentation. This includes the payment receipt of the SEVIS fee, the visa-qualifying document supplied by your academic institution, financial support documents, the visa application processing fee and a properly completed visa application form. Also review the information provided on the embassy or consulate Web sites.
In applying for a visa, you need to be aware that the visa alone does not guarantee entry to the United States. With a visa, a foreign citizen is allowed to travel to a U.S. port of entry. Upon arrival there, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspector makes the decision about the individual’s admission into the country.
The process of obtaining a visa might sound complicated, but remember that 6.6 million people went through the process to receive a nonimmigrant visa to the United States in 2008 alone.